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Delivered through a network of global agents attractive, innovative and profit inducing excursion programmes can be created to meet the needs of Cruise Lines and the Events, Incentive and meetings market depending upon set customer criteria, goals and objectives.

Progress International and associated agents provide a speedy, efficient, confidential and cost effective service to support Cruise Lines to cross-reference excursion cost prices for current and future operations. 

Additional related services include excursion revenue development consultation (featuring a strategy for success relating to any cruise operation), destination product training, creation of multimedia presentations in addition to excursion staff training for presentational skills, one to one sales, customer service, complaint handling and company standards.

A tip from Progress! As a benchmark, excursions income for Euro-zone operations should represent at least 50% of the total on board revenue. If you are not achieving this minimum expected amount, we can help!

Destination Development

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