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Learning is a highly personal process and that can be true for a Company too! The Training World is overloaded with “Off the Shelf” products from Team Building to Emotional Intelligence that after the initial Euphoria usually fade away in terms of their impact. Reason being they are square pegs (fixed training products) forced into round holes (a Company’s individual needs).


Our approach is dramatically different, as we aim to first understand the needs of each individual Company and then we focus on conceptually establishing the core objectives for training “begin with the end in mind”. From this understanding we create a structure of Modules that are divided into stages and begin formulating custom-made training.


Here below are example of core objectives that can be reliably achieved:

1.    To prepare & orientate new hires to work in a certain environment and/or Company.

2.    To generate loyalty & trust in a Company.

3.    To transmit core Company values, product knowledge, procedures and techniques.

4.    To fuel desire & commitment for a long term career with new skill sets.

5.    To ensure consistency for the delivery of a quality product.

6.    To optimize manning levels by increasing efficiency, productivity and synergy.

7.    To significantly reduce turnover of new hires and speed up the integration period.

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